ERASMUS DAYS & 2023: European Year of Skills

On the occasion of the Erasmus Days and the European Year of Skills (2023), the French, Hungarian, and Spanish organizations of a project coordinated by the Austrian organization ibis acam are pleased to present the portal:

It brings together resources for trainers and facilitators in one place and provides a platform for young people. It contributes to a better understanding and development of skills that the WHO says “help people make informed decisions, solve problems, think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, show empathy, and lead a productive and healthy life.”


LIFESKILLS? Essential skills promoted by WHO, the European Union, and UNICEF

The last two decades have seen the emergence of a global movement calling for learners to be equipped with new skills and competencies to confront the complexity of the world. As part of the LSCE (Lifeskills and Citizenship Education) initiative, UNICEF defines lifeskills as “transferable skills that enable individuals to cope with daily life, progress and succeed in school, work, and social life.” With the Council Recommendation of 2018 on key competences for education and lifelong learning, “personal and social skills and the ability to learn how to learn” were recognized by the European Union as one of the eight key competences for lifelong learning. In this context, the Joint Research Centre has developed the conceptual reference framework LifeComp – lifeskills, which can serve as a basis for the development of learning programs and activities.


LIFEDESIGNSKILLS4YOU: A European project that meets these expectations

The LifeDesignSkills4YOU project aligns with these priorities and this movement to develop and/or strengthen young people’s abilities to lead their lives, meaning to know themselves, understand what they aspire to, help them envision and design their life path, a prerequisite for sustainable employment. Based on the concepts of design thinking and positive psychology, the LDSkills4YOU method places the real aspirations of young people at the center of their integration, helps them to self-awareness, and to make choices in line with their desires and aspirations.


In France, the organization Pistes-Solidaires is responsible for developing the method and project tool, as well as its implementation in the field.



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